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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 16, 2010 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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the season. and his second here at this racetrack. and now mcmurray heads to victory lane to celebrate, vince. >> they were so disappointed that they did not make the chase. they felt they were a chase-caliber team. they didn't make the chase as one of those 12 drivers. >> great job, buddy! >> they win a race this the chase. as jamie mcmurray gets hugs from those special family members. your dad sad he wasn't able to see you take the checkered flag at daytona or the brickyard but he's here tonight. >> my dad and i, we're really good friends. he's who got me involved in racing. we still go carts together, fish together, all kinds of stuff together. he's one of my best friend. i want to say hi to the hmiel
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family though. certainly we'd like to dedicate our victory tonight to the whole family. i wish steve could have been here. he's a huge part of our success. >> proud of you. >> thanks, appreciate it, man. but we just had a real good car there. i also -- i want to thank the time to explain something. as those laps were winding down, i was thinking about daytona and crying in victory lane. i don't know if i ever really got to explain that, why i cried. and kind of what was going on there. i had a tough year last year. and i found -- i found out the power of prayer. and what that can do for you. and so when you get to victory lane and you get to experience this, it just -- it makes you a believer. and it's something that -- it's obviously very important to me and my family.
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and it's -- man, it's just the stuff i was thinking about. honestly it made the laps go by really quick at the end. certainly, thanks to god and everything that he's blessed my family and i would. i was on the phone with johnny from bass pro shops there. we've had a really good year. mcdonald's, coca-cola. everybody that's been a part of this. and i talked to chip, you know, earlier today. and we were discussing sponsorship. and where this organization was a year ago. and how far we've come and to be in victory lane four times this year and to have both cars run as well as they do and to have the support we do from target and all the sponsors now, it's incredible and i feel very blessed to be a part of it. >> he took the lead on the restart, 20 to go, allen, and took it home the rest of the way. very emotional victory for jamie mcmurray. >> and with a championship, jeff gordon and tony stewart slip back quite a bit. >> jimmie johnson, like i say,
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incrementally increased his lead. what a great race for jamie mcmurray. great year for that young man. >> init inhe continues to show strength of the car. almost gave up on him. right back in third position. >> next week, two races in two different cities. the nationwide series in st. louis at gateway to race on saturday at 3:00 eastern on espn 2 and next race in the chase is for the nascar sprint cup series at martinsville, virginia, the little old bull ring, a week from tomorrow, 1:00 eastern on espn with "countdown" at noon on espn 2. jamie mcmurray is your winner on a saturday night in charlotte, north carolina.
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deadly night out, new developments after race friend who died. >> the five men accused in though it assault are free to light and face charges. plus, a water main mass any museum shut down. when it will reopen and when the water main break will be fixed. and controversy adults-only store opens its doors in virginia. captioned by the national captioning institute
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we begin with breaking loose. -- breaking news. a missing voter is reportedly a 65-year-old woman who was last seen at 11:30 this morning. >> it was identified the boater had not returned to the dock. they called at 911, crews responded in identified an overturned boat on the water and began the search and rescue operation. >> the woman has not been identified. the search will resume tomorrow morning. the case of a man who died after allegedly being assaulted outside of a d.c. nightclub. the five people linked to the case are no longer in jail and are now facing less serious charges. richard reeve explains why and
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has reaction from the victim's family. >> outside of the club, and emergency closed sign, a covered broken window. on saturday morning, 5 club employees were formally charged in court with aggravated assault in the death of 27-year-old ali muhammed. >> they would understand he is not capable of harming anyone. >> there were originally arrested on second-degree murder charges after they insulted him outside of the club friday. he was pronounced dead at 45 minutes later. >> it is ridiculous. that authorities say it is not clear if the man died from the beating or something else. the police found him unconscious and not breathing. a witness watched the defendants kicked the man about
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the body as another defendant held him down. they kicked him several times and then stopped when the police approached. >> it appears to be vigilante justice. about a club employees tell a different story. they say he entered through a broken window. employees chased and held him down until the police arrived. >> it was not a vigilante justice. they have done nothing wrong. >> family members want answers and a fair trial. >> i am very sad. i lost my son. i will never forget. >> the medical examiner reported the key evidence in the case. all five defendants are free on their own recognizance, reporting to court on monday to get electronic monitoring and would back in court in november. richard reeve, abc 7 news. a developing story in
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northwest washington. there is a second water main break near the national mall. first happened last night near the intersection of constitution avenue and 10th street. it john gonzalez is live in northwest with the latest. >> this has been a nightmare for commuters and tourists and workers here who have been working trying to fix the brake on the 24-inch pipe. at one point, they had to stop the work because they cannot find the parts they need it. it tonight, the made to repair only to find there is a second break. they have to do this all over again, pumping out the water, excavating. we are told constitution will not reopen tomorrow or maybe even monday. a major inconvenience for commuters. bad fortune for hundreds of
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tourists. a late night water main break turned a large stretch of constitution avenue into a river. throughout the day, workers have been excavating a massive crater, working as popular and major roadway that borders the national mall. >> we drove eight hours last night. this is one of our stops. >> not exactly what visitors to the smithsonian national history museum wanted to hear. that absolutely disappointed. >> the massive brick left buildings in the area without any water pressure. many disappointed visitors did not find out until the walked up to the doors. >> the kids are disappointed, but i guess we will have to find something else. >> d.c. police have been directing massive backups. >> is taking a long time.
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>> easier said than done it for some commuters who ran out of patience. >> it is d.c. i have been living here three years. got used to it. >> the change in temperature could be part of the problem, but the main culprit is old infrastructure. a spokesperson for the d.c. water said this old pipe was installed before the great depression. live in northwest, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. the traffic headaches continued in northern virginia. a construction crews have shut down part of route 123 for the beltway for the weekend. they will remain closed until 5:00 a.m. monday as crews demolish the old northbound bridge as part of the beltway hot lanes project. the two or signs are posted. expect delays. arlington police are
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investigating a deadly accident. a car collided with a motorcycle near route 50 and irving street. the motorcyclist was taken to a nearby hospital where he died. he has not been identified, but any witnesses should call the police. battleground maryland, both governor martin o'malley and former governor robert ehrlich hit the campaign trail in p.g. county. o'malley was an oxon hill, ehrlich appeared in upper marlboro. those areas are considered key for both candidates, but they had low voter turnout for the primaries. there is a new adults-only store in downtown manassas. it opened it to friends and supporters despite an effort to stop it. the mother and daughter team described as an upscale boutique. they say it is women friendly and couples friendly and not x-
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rated. >> we carry lingerie, at all dvd is, and more. , and more.d's am i think it is horrible. i don't want it in this small town. >> some residents and officials worry it will ruin their reputation. the owners hope to eventually have 10 stores in d.c. suburbs. it officially opens this wednesday. hundreds gathered for the night of hope rally, which raises money for the juvenile diabetes research foundation, held at the national building museum. the awards were given for promoting diabetes research. bob ryan served as the master of ceremonies this evening. it was a nice but cool night. will it stay dry tomorrow? steve rudin has the details.
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>> relatively nice tomorrow, the wind will diminish, but a lot better. the sunshine will be there. 53 degrees at reagan national airport, the 2.43, the wind out of the south, southwest. -- the dew point at 43. sunshine sunday, not the belfort furniture weather center and a few minutes. still to come, sarah palin. i as wendy tomorrow. showers in the forecast? we will look at that frojust ab. plus, a missing north carolina girl.
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more massive demonstrations in paris, france, and response to a law that would raise the retirement age. some people say that as a violation of basic social rights. the nearly monthlong string of protests has shut down schools, public transportation, and even impacted garbage collection. the rescued miners and chablis are asking the media to respect their privacy. -- the rescued miners in chile are asking the media to respect their privacy. they decided not to give away details about their ordeal. of the also want to avoid devaluing the book they are thinking of publishing. doctors say all the rescued men are in very good condition. a new clue about a missing 10-year-old in north carolina. she was seen recently, two weeks
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ago, before missing. the police have said they cannot find anyone outside of her household who had seen her live in more than a month. she uses hearing aids and a prosthetic leg because of bone cancer. both parties are sending out the heavy hitters for the all important midterm elections more than two weeks away. republicans and democrats came out swinging today. >> former presidential candidate john mccain came out swinging today at a rally for california's republican senate candidate carly fiorina, going after democrat barbara boxer. >> barbara boxer is the most bitterly partisan, most and the defense senator in the united states senate today. i know that because i have had the unpleasant experience of serving with her. >> sarah palin was also and california.
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>> we get back on the right track. >> sarah palin did not appear at the fiorina rally or stand with meg whitman. why? >> she is kryptonite to independent voters. that is what you need to win the general election, especially in california that the democrats are pulling out all the stops, sending their top guns to boost sagging spirits. >> we will win in november and all of us together will rebuild the middle class and restore the american dream! >> the president and first lady michelle obama will be in ohio sunday to boost turnout. >> we have come much too far to turn back now. that might even bill clinton is on the campaign trail. >> you gave them eight years to dig the hole, you should at least give us for years to dig
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out of it. >> a plea which may go on heard in these tough times. barbara billingsley, the actress who played june cleaver on "leave it to beaver," has died. she is also best known for her cameo and comedy movie classic "airplane." a spokesperson said she suffered from rheumatoid disease. she was 94. the american red cross is holding its annual fire and rice -- fire and ice gala tonight. juanita wilson was awarded back in 2004 when her convoy was attacked in iraq. she lost her right arm but she said the red cross save her life. >> i came home wounded in action and the american red cross gave me a blood transfusion on two occasions to make it back to the that the states. i am very grateful.
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>> wilson appeared on the oprah winfrey show yesterday. less than two years after she was wounded, she reenlisted in the army. local baseball fans are winding down after a big night at nationals park. it was a fund-raiser. proceeds from the event will go to an organization that provides academic help to disadvantaged children in wards 6 and 7 in d.c. a nice evening out there, clear skies. it looks like the sunshine will stick around to more. the wind will be ok. downtown, the flag is already -- the flag is hardly moving. the weatherbug network, first
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out, bethesda, 47, high of 65. 54 degrees upper northwest d.c., but that 55, wtop radio. the final stop, rehoboth beach, 53, high of 62. the wind is settling down at seven. on the almanac, temperatures exactly where they should be, 68 degrees. the temperature at the airport, 53, the wind out of the south, southwest at 6. the winchester looking at 53, 51 martinsburg, 55 hagerstown. just a bit cooler to the south. temperatures continue to drop overnight as the wind settles down. we have a frost advisory in effect from the potomac high lands to allegany county. the rest of us, no need to worry, temperatures well above freezing, dropping into the
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40's. the satellite and radar, hardly anything to one on. at the high pressure moves across, improving weather tomorrow and tomorrow night. the system moves across the region, increasing clouds monday. throughout the day tomorrow, mainly sunny skies. a system of purchase from the north and west, the skies clout. showers and the forecast tuesday. nothing major, possibly a quarter inch of rain. once that moves outcome clearing conditions, place thursday and friday. the forecast overnight, clear and cool, nighttime lows of around 39. warmer closer to downtown, cooler in the mountains. tomorrow, sunny and warmer, 68- 73, the wind out of the west at 5-10. wind gusts between 15-20 in the
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afternoon, then things settle down. 67 monday, chance of showers, 30% chance. sunshine returns thursday, into the upcoming weekend. we will take the weekend we have and enjoy it because tomorrow be absolutely beautiful. get out there and enjoy the sun. >> i will, because i am off. get out there and enjoy the sun. >> i will, because i am off. until two years ago, when my dad transferred to istanbul. they settled in quickly. found their local deli. a few shortcuts. and a neighborhood hangout. but there's one thing they miss. their beloved hometown team. so i asked citi -- how many thankyou points it would take
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the liberace museum and vegas is closing tomorrow. he died of hiv in 1987. the museum is 3 miles from the heart of vegas and the number of visitors has dropped substantially in recent years. the the liberace foundation is in financial trouble. in order for providing scholarships to students of the arts, the museum must close, but
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some of the collection will go on a north american tour. next up, sports. >> that is an impressive collection. the capitals, if tonight was any indication from tonight, good news ahead. navy managed to stay afloat, and the terps tried to rally but fell flat, while the caps
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. the washington capitals got off to a rocky start with their loss in the season opener, but they have been on a roll, digging out a couple of overtime victories. tonight, battling it out in asheville, the predators' lead. in the third, the capitals' comeback. alexander semin with the shot. later in the third, the pop finds the back of the net. the caps tie it up. the capitals on the power play, in overtime, ovechkin takes the slapshot, deflected in. the capitals still the game, 3-2
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in overtime. virginia tech got off to an explosive early start in blacksburg. even though they started and a slump, but they are thriving tonight. first quarter, 292 yards, the hokies up by a touchdown. it. evans, 5 yards out, puts the hokies out. then the offense gets resistance. all the time the world back there, but scrambles around and finds him. 25-yard touchdown. big day for it. evans, three touchdowns. second quarter, 8 yards out, he puts tech out. again from 1 yard out, touchdown. the hokies win, 52-21.
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the midshipmen taking the field, navy trailing southern mass best -- southern methodist by halftime. 5 yards out, piles and. the game tied at 14-14. fourth quarter, the hero, dry sand. maybe with the first lead of the day. but the mustangs put up a fight. backside of the end zone, ties the game at 21-21. navy's defense comes up big. picked off deep. couple plays later, navy it's a hard fought win, 28-21. it was time for maryland to get back at work. the terps traveled to death valley to face clemson. unfortunately, the week off did
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not help them catch any bricks. coach ralph friedgen and crew, the terps with amazing plays early. touchdown. maryland gave up 174 yards on returns, including this. andre ellington fines the scene, takes it to the house, 85 yards on their return. the terps trying to mount a comeback. but the passes picked off. he is gone, 61 yards, pick six, clemson roles, 31-7. the terps fall to 1-1 in acc play, 4-2 on the season. the calls are coming to town. the showdown kicks off at fedex field. -- the colts are coming to town. both teams are 3-2.


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